Screen Time

Buy all the toys for your kids

That happens. But at least the 20 minutes they enjoy the toys is fun. I have a bunch of Teletubbies toys I regret though.

Get Daniel Tiger Toys here and Peppa Pig toys here.

daniel tiger meme

Also, how does Daniel Tiger’s family afford beachfront property? His dad works at a clock factory and I don’t think his mom goes to work. I could be wrong. I think she did say she was going to work one time. But I don’t think she said where she worked.

Educational TV shows for toddlers? Yes please.


tablet meme

My kid does this sort of thing too. She’ll always figure out a way around the system for screen time. At least she has educational apps.

Can my two year old use

begging for screentime

Bed time means bed time. Cartoons are for the morning anyway.

If you’re a SAHM and your kid isn’t in school yet, there’s no need to rush out the door. Cartoons will be there in the morning. Especially when you need to use that sweet screen time to wake up yourself and have some coffee.

17 Screen free activities for 3 year olds

screen time meme

100% true. Especially if you’re a working mom. You just worked all day and came home and already your kids want stuff. HERE. HERE’S YOUR TABLET.

More about Fab Working Mom Life


This. My nephew was two when he was able to successfully unlock my brother-in-law’s phone and find the phone app and call Papa. He knew exactly what he was doing too. We asked him and he said “I call Papa.”

I swear any day my three year old will teach me how to use my own phone. At least she hasn’t figured out how to correctly pronounce “Alexa” yet. Otherwise we’d be in huge trouble. She’d order so many dollhouses and the tv would always be on Daniel Tiger or Paw Patrol.

Sometimes I’m a bad mom